Friday, February 13, 2009

.."Reckon that good for nothin Hicks boy is hidin in that thicket out behind Nine Bowen's cabin", said Logan? The Sackett boys headed in that direction with determination in their eyes. They ran across Edgar Floyd out pickin flowers for Sofia. He said J.P. passed there no more than 10 minutes ago. The boys quickened their pace. They munched on scotcharoos as the approched the tree line. Then, without warning, it happened...


  1. Elmo saw a flash of movement to his left and went for his gun. Before he could clear leather it was upon him. He grimaced in pain as the sharp teeth sank into his gun arm. It took him to the ground and he saw his brothers running for their lives. It had all happened in the blink of an eye and just as fast it was over. It had released his arm but now bared its yellow teeth and glared at him with fiery green eyes. It was Streeter!

  2. Streeter lunged for Elmo's jugular. But suddenly, Streeter seemed to lose his balance; Elmo felt Streeter's hot breath as his fangs brushed against Elmo's sparce and meager whiskers. Then he realized what had saved him; Lucky Sackett, his everfaithful dog, was attacking Streeter! The two canines struggled violently, it appeared that Streeter was going to get the upper hand, but at the last minute Elmo managed to reach around and pull Streeter's tail. Streeter sprung up violently, looked around, and then jumped on Edgar Floyd's Sears lawnmower, incredibly managed to turn the key, and proceeded to drive off looking hurt and embarassed. The Sackett boys could now focus their attention on the immediate problem at hand...trouble with Hicks. Just then, a loud explosion reverberated over the canyon. That could mean only one thing. Elwood Sackett and his potato gun...