Sunday, September 20, 2009

The School's On Fire

A cold icy wind was blowin and it looked like snow a comin when Edgar Floyd came runnin up to the Sackett cabin. "Fire," he said, "the old red schoolhouse is burnin down." Elmo, Elwood, Logan and Emmitt was sittin around the old fireplace tryin to stay warm and tellin tall tales. They grabbed the only bucket they had and ran the mile to the old red school. Everybody that had seen the flames and smoke was standin around watchin the old school burn. Pappy Sackett was tryin to throw a bucket of muddy water on the roaring fire. The old school finally burned out an Pappy Sackett came over to the crowd. He had icicles hangin off his weathered hat. "I guess the youngun's will have to go over to the Clinch Mountain school till we can build this un back." But that young Thompson girl said she'd teach them kids right here in Sackett Valley. Nine Bowen piped up and said they could use his shack. Turned out to be a pretty good year for the youngun's of Sackett Valley.